All copper 7.62×39 “Trident” rounds destroys muscle and bone

All copper 7.62×39 “Trident” rounds destroys muscle and bone

In GY6vids’ latest ballistic test video we get a look at the new 7.62x39m “Trident” rounds.

Made by G2 Research, these rounds are machined projectiles made from 100% copper. The Trident rounds have a muzzle velocity of 2,200 fps with an average weight of 123.5 gr.

Unlike the “all hat, no cattle” RIP rounds, the Trident seems to perform as intended.

The copper bullets expand to form a shape like a mini-ceiling fan and cause massive trauma as they tear through meat and bone.

Andrew ultimately gave these rounds a thumbs down after one of the three petals continued to fold back on itself. While this isn’t necessarily a deal breaker, Andrew expects a round this expensive to function correctly every time.

See the high speed footage below as they are tested on ballistics gel and a pork shoulder.