Coonan .357 Magnum may be the sexiest 1911 of all time

Coonan .357 Magnum may be the sexiest 1911 of all time

The Coonan 1911 is a classically styled semi-auto with a nasty little twist, it’s chambered in .357 Magnum.

These crowd pleasers aren’t available in California or Massachusetts, but can be purchased in the remaining free states with a hefty price tag close to the tune of $1,600 to $1,900.

Dan Coonan first started developing a .357 semi-auto pistol in the late 1970s. He wanted to build a combat/defensive pistol that had the power of a .357 revolver with the higher capacity and faster reloading of a semi-auto.

After completing his first successful prototype, Coonan started his own business, Coonan Arms Inc. By the mid 1990’s Coonan Arms filed for bankruptcy and was dissolved in 1998. While the Coonan Arms pistols are out of production, Coonan himself continues to offer parts and repair services through his second company, Dan Coonan Inc.

The expensive pistols were built to high standards befitting a high price tag and are still quite popular among owners today.

Take a look at Jerry Miculek putting the .357 to work in the video below.