Terminating the .700 WTF Shoulder Cannon (Video)

Terminating the .700 WTF Shoulder Cannon (Video)
We have posted some huge types previously however this is one of the biggest, and kid does it appear as though it sneaks up all of a sudden. Not certain what you would utilize it for, maybe if a wanderer T-Rex chose to stroll through your area.

YouTube client JT Custom Knives appeared this custom type on his channel and gave us a once-over on the specs in the depiction.

First-time shoulder terminating my beast creation. this is with .700 cal slugs that weigh 1132gr which implies you just get 6 boolits out of a pound of lead. this slug was stacked with what I would consider a mid-level burden at about 1600fps beginning and up around 1800fps towards the end. This can and will be stacked up to 2300fps later on. the force energy of this rifle without the break is around 150 ft/lbs.

Toward the finish of the video, they portray how incredible this weapon is. It experienced a quarter-inch steel plate and imbedded itself eight inches deep into a log. The slug itself held the vast majority of its mass which was astounding to the originators.

Resistant, a pretty cool round, and I would wouldn't fret terminating it.