Daisy Releases Adult-Sized Red Ryder For Limited Time

Daisy Releases Adult-Sized Red Ryder For Limited Time

For a limited time only, Daisy Outdoors has released a special “adult-sized” version of their iconic Red Ryder BB gun.

Since 1938, this classic BB gun has been a staple of American youth. The larger Model 1938ARR is nearly identical to the classic children’s version. It has the classic steel smoothbore barrel, lever air-action cocking spring, crossbolt trigger safety, and 650-shot capacity.

The adult version features a larger stock, loner barrel, and weighs a few ounces more at just under 3 lbs.

Adult size (above) compared against the traditional Model 1938 Red Ryder (below) (image source; Daisy Outdoors)

This limited time offer comes with the full-sized rifle, target, eye-protection, and 350 BBs for $69.99.

For those nostalgic shooters looking to share this experience with their children, the larger rifle can also be purchased in a paired kit along with the classic child-sized rifle for $99.99. This package includes both rifles, two pairs of eye-pro, a target, and 350 BBs.