Dillon Aero 503D: New .50 Cal Gatling Gun Fires 1,500 Rounds Per Minute

Dillion 503D

Dillon Aero 503D

The Dillon 503D harnesses the mighty .50 BMG cartridge into a three-barreled Gatling Gun. It churns out a remarkable 1,500 rounds per minute. That’s 25 rounds per second of 12.7x99mm freedom seeds, for planting terrorists on their ass all over the world. The 503D weighs in at 84 pounds and does its best work mounted to troop carriers of some sort, whether its mission be via air, land or sea.

Dillon Aero says the updated Gatling Gun gives operators the ability to adjust the precise firing rate based on platform integration, optimizing mission performance. The gun maintains integrated immunity to internal component damage from ammunition jams. Meanwhile, Dillon designed the weapon to be lighter, faster and smarter that existing .50-caliber machine guns.

The only thing wrong with this video is the lack of turning barrels humming. Hopefully in the future, we can do this video proper, and send some .50 BMG downrange with Dillon’s newest force multiplier.