Firing the world’s shortest sawed-off could be hazardous to your health

sawed-off shotgun

The 2012 crime film Killing Them Softly featured what very well may be the world’s shortest sawed-off when a pair of inept thieves attempt to rob an underground poker game.

A sawed-off shotgun typically has a barrel cut back for better concealment, transportation, or use in close quarters. This sawed-off is so short more than half an inch of each shell is exposed.

In the film the thieves never fire the weapon, but YouTuber Kjaskaar really wanted to know what would happen if this thing went off.

He set up a Mythbuster style experiment with his own recreation of the weapon. Before you ask, yes, he got a tax stamp for it.

The video below features a short clip from the film Killing Them Softly followed up by some range time with the real thing.