Oh My Goodness Gracious Here’s The 500 Nitro Express ‘Pistol’

Oh My Goodness Gracious Here’s The 500 Nitro Express ‘Pistol’
In a career of shooting ridiculous rifles and pistols, Scott has virtually outdone himself with this particular pistol, I mean, who on earth wants a 500 nitro express handgun?!? I mean seriously, you’d almost have to be built like Lou Ferrigno to fire the darned thing! But I digress, Scott has a solid reputation for shooting ridiculously large caliber firearms.

About the pistol Scott is shooting in the video and the guy who made it:

A lot has happened since Gary Reeder started building guns in the early 80s. Starting in Tennessee and continuing onto Florida, Gary knew that Florida would not be the state he hung his hat. So 1994 he relocated to Flagstaff, Arizona. Gary originally started Reeder Custom Guns (doing business as The Pistol Parlor), utilizing a small section in the back of the gun shop. However, in no time he out grew the space. Gary, his son Kase, and an expert crew, have 3000 square feet to call home now. The fully equipped machine shop located next door to The Pistol Parlor. The Pistol Parlor operated by Gary’s wife Colleen, displays much of the Reeder Custom Guns.

Originally building full custom Remington XP-100’s and full custom Contenders, now there are over five dozen custom revolvers series, including cowboy guns and larger caliber hunting handguns, full custom Thompson Center Contenders, G-2s and Encores, full custom large caliber hunting rifles, full custom 1911s, and many one of a kind specialty guns.

Reeder Custom Guns full warranty on all products extends to the original owner. Should you feel there is a problem with the item or are dissatisfied with it, return it immediately for a replacement, if the item is proven defective due to negligence on our part .

Okay, so let’s watch as Scott shoots this monster pistol (I hope his medical and dental insurance is up to date!)