Remington Arms Co. No Longer Ownes Remington Ammunition

Remington Arms Co. No Longer Ownes Remington Ammunition

Lost in the confusion of the Remington Bankruptcy was that the firearm manufacturer and the ammunition side of the company were sold to two different companies.

Vista Outdoor Inc purchased Remington ammunition production facilities along with the Remington brand and trademarks for 81.4 million back in mid-October. This is why Remington firearms were not being produced, and Remington ammunition has still been on the shelves.

Remington Firearms Co, purchased by Roundhill Group LLC, is set to restart production on March 1st except for the Marlin brand rifles sold to Sturm Ruger and Company, Inc. Remington Firearms has already started preparing its facilities with their most iconic gun, the 870, being the first to come off the line sometime next month.

The main question is what this means for consumers. It means all Remington products that you want will be available soon but managed by different companies. This means you will need to contact the various companies depending on what your problem is.

Below is a post from the Remington Facebook page that will direct you in the right direction.