Ruger Turns Heads With The All New Super GP100

Ruger Turns Heads With The All New Super GP100

Ruger has unveiled an all new version of their iconic .357 Magnum, the Super GP100.

Announced last week at the 148th NRA Annual Meeting, the Super GP100 is already turning heads.

The competition revolver features polished internals, trigger centering boss, hammer centering shims, and an ultra-smooth double-action with a clean let-off.

“The new Super GP100 is yet another example of our Custom Shop’s fine craftsmanship, and will allow our customers to compete at the highest levels.” Ruger’s President and CEO Chris Killoy said last week.

The Super GP100 has a beautiful matte finish thanks to a PVD coating that covers all surfaces of the revolver.

The barrel shroud and cylinder have special cuts to reduce the total weight and optimize the weapon’s balance. As an added bonus, these improvements allow the cylinder to keep up with the demands of rapid-fire shooters.

Standard sights include a quick-change fiber optic up front and an adjustable rear. The barrel is 5.5″ long with an 11 degree target crown and the grips are beautiful Houge wood.

Chambered in .357 Magnum, the wheelgun also accepts .38 SPL. The frame can accept both Super Redhawk and GP100 aftermarket parts.

Each weapon comes standard with a waterproof case, three moon clips, challenge coin, cleaning cloth, peg, and decal. The MSRP isjust under $1,550.