Suppressed full-auto MP5 with HUSH ammo so quiet you can hear the brass hit the ground

MP5 with Hush Ammo

Lea Speed 6 had the chance to test the Hush 147gr and 165gr subsonic ammo with her SilencerCo Omega9k suppressed full-auto Zenith Z5-RS MP5.

She was immediately impressed by the quiet tone and soft recoil. It’s so quiet that the microphone of her right-side camera could still pick up the sound of spent brass landing on the ground.

“There didn’t seem to be any noticeable difference in feeding or extraction with the 165gr vs normal 115gr or 147gr,” she wrote in her YouTube review. “I tend to primarily run 147gr anyway because the MP5 is much more controllable with that type of recoil impulse in full-auto.”