World’s fastest gun fires 1 million rounds in just 60 seconds

World’s fastest gun fires 1 million rounds in just 60 seconds
It’s no misprint, the Metal Storm array may be the deadliest weapon ever made. It can fire more than 1 million rounds per minute in its maximum threat configuration of 1600 barrels. Most people are shocked by those numbers and immediately assume this is fake, but simple math shows it is more than reasonable.

Take 1 million rounds per minute, divide that by 1600 barrels and you have each individual barrel firing at 625 rounds per minute, or just faster than 10 rounds per second. That’s roughly the same rate of fire as the M60. With all of those barrels connected into a single array, the total rate of fire increase dramatically.

The weapon can achieve such a high rate of fire because it does not rely on a single barrel, which would overheat. Instead, Metal Storm is composed of an array of barrels, each capable of firing single rounds, or a series of rounds as a single “spear”.

What’s truly impressive about this system is the unique firing mechanism that allows dozens and dozens of barrels to fire simultaneously.

The “magazines” are loaded directly into the barrel and the bullets are fired via an electronic signal without any mechanical parts. It can be used to destroy an inbound ICBM in seconds or destroy an entire building with explosive rounds.

Shooting in two modes a wall of bullets or metal “spears” of multiple bullets at a time, the metal storm is unlike traditional firearms.