Shooting the Single Shot .50 BMG Pistol

Shooting the Single Shot .50 BMG Pistol

I do not know what the fascination is with pistols shooting big rounds with tons of recoil. Maybe people like to break their wrists at the range, but whatever it is there is defiantly not a shortage of options.Blade City

The Triple Action Thunder .50BMG

You can find wrist breaking pistols in all sorts of sizes from the .45-70 Derringer to the.600 NE Revolver, and perhaps one of the most unique ones is the .50 BMG Thunder by Triple Action.

The gun first came onto the scene at the 2004 Shot Show with Triple Action looked for a production company to license and produce the design. However, it seems they were unable to find a company that would take on the design. The gun never entered mass production and the company seems to be gone as well.Blade City

Now all we have is some YouTube Videos of shooters at the range taking on the massive recoil. Maybe one day the design will be produced but as for now this is what we have.